Monday, September 14, 2009

Oh, the Memories-They're in Our Classrooms!

This year two of my grandkids, Sydney and Gracie, (cousins) started kindergarten. It is so cool because Gracie is in Mrs. Heck's room, and Sydney is in my first grade room. The memories keep flooding over me. We met the principal in our old lunchroom. (How did that room get so small?) Belgrade has all-day, every other day kindergarten this year. I think the big deal was because of day care issues. How times have changed! They're actually going to do every day kindergarten for a few-since she was an extreme preemie, Gracie might be eligible. She's actually thriving in her present schedule, so she might not switch over-depends on their evaluation.

Okay-big question-who the heck was the other first grade teacher? I remember: 2nd-Mrs. Miller, 3rd-Mrs. Wright, 4th-Mrs. Hoagland, and 5th-Mrs. Tavegie(sp). For the life of me, I can't remember my first grade teacher. I transferred from Livingston not too long before Christmas, so my memories are just a bit fuzzy.


See you Friday-be there or be square!

Marty (Quick) Veltkamp

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