Monday, August 17, 2009

I didn't Want to be First

Okay, I'll tell you a bit about me. After getting married, we moved to the metropolis of Manhattan. Montana, that is. Kind of a boring story, but we've had a good life. We raised three sons, two of which now live in Belgrade and their kids go to Belgrade. I get the privilege of showing the two new kindergartners which classrooms were mine in the Martha Heck building. That ought to bring back memories. Our other son lives in Austin, TX-a fun place to visit.

We have six grandkids, five boys and one girl. We're very involved with them and it's a load of fun. Stan retired from Holcim Cement at Trident, and I mostly worked in banking and have had a custom sewing business for most of my adult life.

Our six-hard to get that many kids in one spot and smiling, too!

We are involved with various ministries in our church, I currently serve as a deacon and Stan has served as deacon and elder. We serve dinners for Celebrate Recovery, a Bible-based 12-step program, and have been part of other ministries, both in and out of the church.

Our favorite retirement activity is travel. We've been to Mexico several times and last spring we finally got a chance to go on a cruise. I'm hooked-trying to figure out how to go on another one as soon as I can. We're also saving our pennies to visit a friend near New York. Never been but it's something I've always wanted to do.

Our last trip to Mazatlan. Here we were celebrating Stan's mom's 93rd birthday. L-R: SIL Irene, Grandma, me & Stan.

Stan and I love to sing-we do lots of singing in churches etc. Since Stan is the "real" Santa, he spends all of December being his alter ego. He visits approximately 200 kids during that time. He visits rest homes, Scout groups, and schools in the area. He won't do malls or most commercial Santa jobs-he prefers to do the personal one-on-one and he especially loves to visit kids who might not otherwise have a good Christmas. He is Manhattan's official Santa as well. We also love to cook, so if you make it to the reunion you'll have a chance to taste our cooking.

Okay, you're it! E-mail me with your story at mrmrssanta(at)bresnan(dot)net (or snail mail-Susan can get info to me too).