Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lunch With the Girls

Five of us met a Fuddrucker's today to reconnect and also visit with Pam Foster and Helen Moss who couldn't be there this weekend. A really nice visit-too bad Susan and Helen had to go back to work.

Pam Foster Allsop-lives in the area-still a lot of fun!

Helen Moss-still lives here-hasn't changed a bit.

Susan Hampton Fisher-lives here; and Marcy Welz Glenn-lives in Arizona.

The group, plus one five-year-old (my grandson Sydney). He kept them pretty entertained.

You'll notice no pictures of me. That's the beauty of being the photographer! Terry Mitchell wants us to get together again sometime next summer, now that we've renewed our relationships. Susan and I are going to try to keep a database of addresses current so nobody has to work as hard as she did this time.

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